Making the Cut - Part 1


In the sport of Strongman, there are several weight classes in which athletes can participate in competition. These include Lightweight, Middleweight, and Heavyweight, with additional divisions in the Middle- and Heavyweight categories (N.A.S. Division, Men). This blog will be a two-part series, highlighting the efforts to "cut weight" by Mike Raub and Cameron Kerns, for the 2016 Oregon Feats of Strength. In Part 2, we'll reveal their results and if they "Made the Cut"!

Mike Raub

Mike is a former NCAA College Football Player and current Strongman athlete from Inner Beast CrossFit. He started his training about 18 months ago, at a body weight of 285lbs. After competing and winning the 2015 Feats of Strength event as a Novice (275lbs.), Mike set a new goal of competing in a lower weight class.  He currently weighs 245lbs. and is working to get down to 231 lbs. to compete as a Middleweight at the 2016 Oregon Feats of Strength in two weeks. 

  • What weight class are you aiming to compete in?

Middle Weight 231

  • How many pounds do you have to lose to do so? 


  • What are some of your current "Maximum Lifts"?

Deadlift: 615lbs. 

Squat: 550lbs.

Push Press: 275lbs.

  • What is your strategy?

Calorie and carb counting.

  • Will you be doing a "hard water cut"?

Yes :(

  • How do you feel about it? 

A bit nervous. This will be my first water cut so I don't know what to expect.

Follow Mike on Instagram to check out some of his training: @drtymike54

Cameron Kerns

Cameron is the head coach at Inner Beast CrossFit, a certified USAW Sports Performance Coach, and has a background that includes Basketball, Soccer, Muay Thai, and Jujitsu. He has been training in CrossFit for five years, Strongman for one year, and has been competing in Strongman for three months. After cutting down from 185lbs. to 180 lbs. for the RAB Winter Strength Fest last December, Cameron set a new goal of competing in the 175lbs. Lightweight class for Oregon Feats of Strength. He is currently 179 lbs. and his goal is to cut to 174 lbs. without doing a water cut. 

  • What were your maximum lifts prior to competing at RAB?

Deadlift: 495 lbs. 

Overhead Press: 270lbs.

Back Squat: 370lbs.

Log Clean and Press: 180lbs.

  • How much weight have you lost since then?


  • What weight class are you trying to compete in? 

Lightweight Open (Under 175lbs.) 

  • What are your current maximum lifts?


Deadlift: 495 lbs. 

Overhead Press: 303lbs.

Back Squat: 380lbs.

Log Clean and Press: 226lbs. 

  • What is your strategy?

Counting calories & macro-nutrients, increasing my cardio. 

  • Will you be doing a "hard water cut"?

No. I feel that it's necessary sometimes, but would rather lose a healthy five lbs. than to dehydrate myself. 

You can follow Cameron and see his training on Instagram at: @wambamthankucam. 

Be sure to come back after March 20th for Part 2 of the series! You can also follow the competition on our social media channels:

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Posted on March 6, 2016 .