We saw HUGE success with our first weight loss challenge, and we're excited to launch Round #2 in March. We have two different ways to participate, depending on what you think your needs are. Bothof these will be part of a six-week challenge (beginning on Sunday, March 5th). Not sure if you need to lose weight, or just clean up your eating? No problem - shoot us an email and we can help you out. Email innerbeastcrossfit@gmail.com or text 503-317-7798 with questions. 

There will be rewards for social media check-ins and PRs accomplished during the six-week challenge. Please register by 3/2/2017 - using the form below. Payment can be made by bringing cash into the gym. 


1) I'm Healthyish - You need a little external motivation, but have a pretty good grasp on nutrition, cardio, & what works for your body. 

$40 - Weekly check-ins with coach, eligible for prizes, extra workouts, and nutrition support from coach. Inclusion in supportive Facebook group.


3) HELP ME! 

$75 - Custom Meal Plan at beginning of challenge, custom macronutrient breakdown (& Macro "Lesson"), additional cardio workouts & meal ideas/adjustments, weekly check-ins with coach, eligible for weekly & overall prizes. Inclusion in supportive Facebook group.


To ensure that you're successful and reach your goals during this challenge, all participants must commit to CrossFit 3X per week and two additional cardio sessions. We recommend that all participants refrain from drinking alcohol during the challenge, but reducing current intake is an option depending on goals. If this doesn't work for you because of scheduling or another reason, just reach out and we're happy to come up with a plan that does. 

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Please read information above to determine which level of the challenge is best for you!