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IBCF Hybrid Throwdown II





Log Clean and Press (Last Man/Woman Standing)

Each Log will begin Empty and the athlete will have 60 seconds to clean and press 1 Rep. You have as many attempts as you need in that 60 seconds.

The log will increase in weight after each athlete in the division has cycled through. If the athlete is unable to clean and press the weight in the allotted time, the athlete is done and will not move on in this event.

RX Men: 13" Log Starts @145lbs with 20lb Jumps

RX Women: 10" Log Starts @80lbs with 10lb Jumps

Scaled/Masters Men: 10" Log Starts @80lbs with 20lb Jumps

Scaled/Masters Women: 10" Log Starts @60lbs with 10lb Jumps

As you can see, we WILL be having a masters division for athletes 45 and up. Each division will be capped at 10, so stay tuned for more information on when registration will be open!

EVENT # 2: 

10-8-6-4-2 Deadlift and Shoulder to Overhead with Farmers in between movements

-RX and Masters will use an Axle Bar for the Deadlift and everyone will use a regular barbell for Shoulder to Overhead. Unless it says KB, you will be using Farmers handles

- The Bar for Deadlift and the bar for Shoulder to Overhead will be set 30 Feet Apart. The athlete will start on deadlifts, knock out 10 reps, farmers carry to the other bar for shoulder to overhead, knock out 10 reps, and then farmers back to start on their set of 8 deadlifts. You will continue this all the way down to 2, after your set of 2 shoulder to overhead the athlete will farmers carry back to the deadlift bar to complete the workout. Your time will not stop until after the last farmers carry.

The weights are as follows:

RX Men-150Farmers/303 Axle Deadlift/185Press

RX Women- 80Farmers/203Axle Deadlift/95Press

Masters Men- 70LB Farmers/225Axle Deadlift/105 Press

Masters Women- 40KB Farmers w/Fat Grips/135 Axle Deadlift/55 Press

Scaled Men- 70KB Farmers with/Fat Grips/225 Deadlift/105 Press

Scaled Women- 40KB Farmers/135 Deadlift/55 Press



60 second Max Reps on Back Squats:

This workout is pretty straight forward. You have 60 seconds to do as many reps as possible. The only catch is, RX and masters will use specialty bars. 
The time will begin as soon as the athlete descends for their first rep. Each rep must be at the very least to parallel, otherwise it's a no rep and it won't count.
Each athlete may have their own preferred spotter, but if the spotter is required to finish a rep, the rep will not count and the athlete is done. 
If at any time the athlete must rack the bar, the athlete is done and may not continue on this workout.

Weights are as follows:

RX Men- Camber Bar 255lbs
RX Women- SSB(safety squat bar)185lbs
Masters Men- SSB 205lbs
Masters Women- SSB 135lbs
Scaled Men- Straight Bar 205lbs
Scaled Women- Straight Bar 135lbs

Earlier Event: May 7
Lifting Seminar Saturday