We are a CrossFit & Strongman gym located in Oregon City, Oregon. We are dedicated to helping everyone who wants to pursue fitness, whether they are an elite athlete or just beginning. 




Our gym offers group classes, one-on-one personal training, and open gym times to suit the needs of every client that we serve. Our dedication is to helping our clients to reach their goals, whether these goals are simply to get active or to reach an elite level of fitness. We have CrossFit, Strongman, and Powerlifting training available to all of our athletes. 

Our goal is to change the way that people think about CrossFit, and to show that people of all ability levels can succeed in our gym. We are more than happy to modify the CrossFit workouts to the individual's level. Our CrossFit trainers are focused on coaching clients in building the foundation that will make them successful athletes in the gym.

The first CrossFit class or open gym is always free, so come in and check it out! 

What we offer:

  • CrossFit Classes

  • CrossFit Open Gym & Personal Training

  • Strongman Classes

  • Strongman Competitor Coaching

  • Powerlifting Competitor Coaching


"Strong is the new skinny." We love our CrossFit ladies.

"Strong is the new skinny." We love our CrossFit ladies.

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